Who are the Courses for?

Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS)

The course recognises the need for formal theological training for teachers, catechists, school governors and others. In the Diocese of Lancaster, participants following the course include teachers (seeking to obtain the Certificate for the first time or following it as a refresher course), parish catechists, school governors, students from University of Cumbria and anyone who seeks formal accreditation of their studies in the Catholic faith. The CCRS is part of the Lancaster Diocese Adult Formation Programme.  Although the course has practical elements, it should not be regarded as a course in ‘How to teach’ but rather as providing the theological foundation on which practical expertise can be developed.  The course content is validated by the Board of Studies of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and the national requirement is for a minimum of two years study and to be completed within a maximum of 5 year study.

Both within the diocese and nationally, the certificate is seen as a very desirable qualification, particularly for primary school teachers, and an essential one for leadership posts. The course helps school governors to fulfil their responsibilities for the R.E. Curriculum in their schools in an informed way.