Applicants should complete the appropriate sections of the Application Form and submit as soon as possible to ensure a place on the course.

Full course

The full course fee is £500 for online tuition for all eight modules plus £20 CCRS registration fee, therefore Year 1 fees are £270 and Year 2 fees are £250.  Prior to the start of each year’s course participants are required to pay the year’s fee in full.

Course participants are responsible for the payment of their own fees

In recent years almost all teachers have received their fees from the school’s Inset budget.  This is a matter for negotiation between would-be participants and their headteacher.  Catechists may wish to approach their sponsoring body for financial assistance.

Occasional Modules

£80 for each module, to be sent with the a completed application form.


Please ensure that cheques are made out to “Lancaster Education Centre” and sent to:

The Education Centre, Balmoral Road, Lancaster, LA1 3BT

Lancaster Roman Catholic Diocesan Trustees Registered – Registered Charity No. 234331