Who works here

Advisory staff and professional consultants share responsibility for core areas of the diocese’s education and formation work and have specific responsibility for one or more areas of work.  Their work is supported by two administrative secretaries.

Management of the work of The Education Service is the responsibility of the Diocesan Schools Commissioner who is accountable to the Board of Education and Formation.

On initial contact with The Education Centre, a secretary will direct your call to the appropriate person.  If the person you need is not available, the secretary will arrange for them to get back to you.

Diocesan Schools Commissioner (DSC): Vacancy
Email: [email protected]

Assistant Diocesan Schools Commissioner:  Mrs Julie Jones
Email: [email protected]

Appointments: Fran Wygladala
Email: [email protected]

North West Diocese Leadership Programmes: Fran Wygladala
Email: [email protected]

CCRS Tutor: Christine Smith
Email: [email protected]

School Buildings:

Diocesan Schools Building Surveyor: Paul Lovell
Email: [email protected]


Heather Watts – [email protected]
Hilary Harling – [email protected]