How the Service operates

The Lancaster Diocesan Board of Education and Formation is an agency of the Diocese of Lancaster and works on behalf of and is responsible to the Bishop and Trustees of the Diocese. As a diocesan agency its work must be integral to and consistent with the educational mission of the Diocese, approved by the Bishop and Trustees.

The Board of Education and Formation

The purpose of the Board of Education and Formation is to advise the Bishop and Trustees on strategies and policies relating to education and formation agree action and oversee the management of the Diocesan Education Service.

Members:  Fr Michael Docherty, Episcopal Vicar for Education and Formation, Mr Joe Armistead, Mrs Elizabeth Boniface, Mrs Alison Dodd, Mr John Fetherston, Mr Michael Merrick, Mr Andrew Plasom-Scott,  Mrs Helen Seddon

Contact: [email protected]

Under the guidance of the Diocesan Board of Education and Formation the Education Service functions as an integrated unit with responsibilities for all aspects of the diocesan educational mission in:

  • 71 primary schools
  • 11 secondary schools
  • 1 sixth form college