RE Resources for Primary Schools -updated

The Education Service is inundated each week with emails about online learning resources for RE.  I’ve gathered together some of the more useful sites and ones you may not be aware of. Some of them are from Catholic organisations, others are not and schools just need to be aware of that when sharing their content.
I’ve also attached Margaret Carswell’s excellent learning at home resources for Pentecost and beyond.
The Kairos Forum  provides online resources including bible stories, small films with music, small prayer films, singing prayers, shared worship. Aimed at students with communication needs, they use Makaton, Widgit and Multimodal communication sharing collaborative films, discussions and activities to take part in.
RE Today, in partnership with NATRE, have produced a series of free, quality-assured online resources to support parents and their children with the provision of RE activities for use during the coronavirus crisis. These resources are available for anyone to access at:
The Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education ‘Support Material for Key Stages 1 & 2 on  has been updated with resources for home-learning. (Links with The Way, the Truth and the Life)
The BBC have produced a lot of resources for home learning, including Religious Studies. I would only advise using the KS2 material. They tend to look at Christianity and Catholicism as a particular expression of Christianity. As such, some of their material is more useful than other parts. However, schools may want to use their materials as a way to develop children’s cultural understanding of different faiths in the world.
Weekly Worship and Song Weekly Worship & Song with Dan and Emily from One Life Music​ Each week Dan and Emily are recording a special time of worship and song for people to use whether in school or at home.
Margaret Carswell’s Learning at Home Resources